Massage therapists are generally taught to massage a passive body. To feel the neural tone as they work through the patient’s initial reason for coming in.  As the massage therapist feels a decrease in neuronal tone the potential for an increase in passive movement increases, but does your massage practice include movement?

Are you comfortable with a moving joint?

This course will introduce you to harmonic movement and allow you to transition a potential for increased movement into an actual increase in movement.  You will learn to feel where the tension is actually and either use oscillations to reduce it or focus your existing repertoire more effectively.

selective focus of chiropractor stretching arm of patient in hospital

The harmonic motion can be easily integrated into your existing repertoire of techniques or used as a stand-alone therapy.  It complements and enhances all types of bodywork from Thai to Sports to Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release.  It can be used alongside Cranial Sacral and Swedish massages to enhance the feel and therefore the effectiveness of your massage.

Harmonic movement is a new concept developed from osteopathy using the latest scientific understanding of muscle physiology to relieve stiffness and tension. Rhythmic oscillatory movements lubricate the muscles and joints keeping them loose and supple whilst also flushing out toxins. This creates an overall feeling of wellbeing. These rhythmic movements help the brain to relearn the natural movement giving lasting health benefits between sessions.

Harmonic motion will create a balance in muscle tension. When there is a physical imbalance the joints are pulled out of symmetrical alignment. Symmetry is essential for a body to function correctly and avoid injury. When the body is in symmetry it will move freely and easily. If symmetry is out, areas in the body are put under increased stress.

Modern lifestyles are composed of either sedentary, repetitive postures or active, repetitive movements. Both of these actions create imbalance in the body which leads to asymmetry.

Harmonic release can be used as purely relaxing addition to your existing repertoire or as an advance muscle energy / pnf technique for remedial body work.