In a nutshell, the goal of Physical Therapy or Physiotherapy (Physio) is to restore a person’s movement and function following an illness or injury. Regardless of the patient’s condition treatment can be simplified to restoring function.

My belief is that the main difference between Physios and Osteopaths is that Physios are restoring function whereas Osteopaths are removing obstacles to function. Both have the same overall objective, they just get there differently.

Tension in soft tissue is the main obstacle that is easy to remove. In this course you will learn how to feel and remove tension. We will explore several commonly used techniques in osteopathic, chiropractic and physio practises that report to be able to decrease tension and/or improve range of movement.

young man having horribly stiff shoulders

Recent research suggests that for many conditions clinical judgement and expertise are better options than generic guidelines. To individualise a treatment plan for each patient you cannot follow best practise guidelines. These guidelines are written for populations not individuals and have cost effectiveness not clinical effectiveness as their main criteria.

Whether you are a specialist sports injury physio or involved in pain management we will show you how harmonic release theory can remove the tension that is impeding your patients own self-healing processes. With this knowledge you can create a treatment plan for rehabilitation following injury or illness; treatment of ongoing medical conditions including pain; injury and pain prevention.